The Canine Diversity Project
A. Genetics for Breeders   THE BASICS
      by Dr. John Armstrong DIVERSITY FOUND
Basic Concepts
Breeding Schemes
Significant Relationships   [Determining how closely related two dogs are.]
Population Genetics and Breeding
The Nature of Genetic Disease
Eliminating Mutation: the impossible dream
Diversity and the Purebred Dog   [aka "The Poodle and the Chocolate Cake"]
Inbreeding and Diversity
Glossary of Genetic Terms
by Dr. Leos Kral

Importance of Complete Pedigrees
Penetrance and Expressivity
Phenotypic vs Genotypic Heterogeneity
Multiple Gene Traits

by C.A. Sharp
The Price of Popularity: Popular sires and population genetics.
The Downside of Inbreeding: It's Time For a New Approach.
by Dr. Catherine Marley
Breeding - Dogs or Pedigrees? More on assortative mating.

by Dr. Jerold Bell

The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control

B. Closed registries and the loss of diversity   THE BASICS
      by J. Jeffrey Bragg DIVERSITY FOUND
Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century -- Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs. The consequences of limited genetic diversity and closed registries, with specific reference to the Siberian Husky.
The Genetic Tide: Will it leave us high and dry? (from Dogs in Canada)
The Genetic Tide Continues to Swell: Will DNA marker research stop the flood?
[Visit Jeffrey Bragg's Web Site]
by Dr. John Armstrong
The Influence of Wycliffe on the Black Standard Poodle. How one kennel came to dominate a whole breed.
by Dr. Hellmuth Wachtel
Breeding Dogs for the Next Millennium
C. Expanding the gene pool DIVERSITY LOST

The Backcross Project, by Joanne Nash, discusses the attempt to eliminate a metabolic deficiency from the Dalmatian by cross-breeding to a Pointer.

The Basenji African Stock Project describes the importation of native dogs from their home in Africa.

The Mixed Breed Dog - a look at the pros and cons.

Inbreeding, Linebreeding and Crossbreeding in Dogs, by Kate Schoeffel, DVM.

Genetics and The Border Collie. Basic genetic principles and a commentary on the creation of a breed.

Genetic Selection. The effects of intentional and unintentional selection for and against specific traits.

Inbreeding and Linebreeding, by Dr. Sue Ann Bowling

Wisdom Panel Genetic Tests Are a Game-Changer, by by Jeffrey Bragg

D. Other links

Village Dog Genetic Diversity Project : Genetic analysis of a diverse panel of non-breed-affiliated dogs from remote villages around the world.

Download a copy of the Dutch Kennel Club's proposed breeding policies aimed at reducing contimued gene loss (pdf format; 168 kb).
If you do not have a copy of Acrobat Reader®, it may be obtained, free, from