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Canine Degenerative Myelopathy type 2 database (CDM2)
This is not a Public or Open database - ALL RESULTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AT ALL TIMES
BACKGROUND:  DOGenes has discovered a second gene with a new mutation for Canine degenerative myelopathy. So far this mutation has only been found in a few breeds.  Genetic testing for some of these are currently available on our website.   Many breeds have been excluded as having this mutation*.   We believe that this is a dominant mutation with variable penetrance, or age of onset however we need more data to determine this.  Our research is supported by our knowledge of human ALS disease causing mutations.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this database is to determine the penetrance (% of dogs with the CDM2 mutation that show signs of the disease). Your records can be updated at any time. This will allow us to follow those dogs with one or two copies of the CDM2 mutation throughout their life. This is critical to expand our knowledge of canine degenerative myelopathy.


1.  Owners or breeders who have dogs with clinical signs of CDM (any breed).  We still need to exclude many breeds.

Dogs with clinical signs of the disease especially those with diagnostic data are urged to participate.  These animals will be tested at no charge (does not apply to excluded breeds)

2.  Owners or breeders who have had their dogs tested for the CDM2 mutation regardless of the result.

Participants should be willing to update their records as the information that they entered may change overtime.

*A list of excluded and included breeds will be published soon.