Pedigrees of Executive and Command Performance

The "Founders"

Jean Lyle's foundation bitch was Carillon Michelle, later joined by Sedbergh Mitzi's daughter Yolanda. Michelle was bred to Petitcote Domino to produce Wycliffe Jacqueline and Wycliffe Michelle. Domino was also bred to a black English import, High Meadow Babatte. Their son, Wencair's Frèrè Jacques, was used to sire several Wycliffe litters.

Jacqueline was bred to Annsown Gay Knight of Arhill, Bel Tor Hugues Capet, and Carillon Dilemma. All three were sons of Annsown Sir Gay.

These three bitches (in red) - Babatte, Michelle and Mitzi - and the four dogs - Gay Knight, Hugues Capet, Dilemma and Domino - are, in effect, the "Wycliffe" founders, though Jean Lyle only owned Michelle and two of Mitzi's progeny, Yolanda and Yorick. Gay Knight and Dilemma were used by others, so that their contribution to the genetic heritage of a later individual may not entirely reflect Wycliffe breeding. However, I have yet to find a line that traces back to Babatte, Hugues Capet or Domino, except through Wycliffe.

Wycliffe "White"

Jeune Fille d'Orleyns was an English white. She was not a Wycliffe founder in the strict sense, as she was neither owned by or used by Jean Lyle, though she was bred to a Wycliffe male, Fabian. Ian also carried white. These three are behind many current whites.

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