The Wycliffe Brown Line

I have called this the "brown" line because of the partial outcross to Jaylee Louisiana Gambler, in 1980. Gambler's grandmother was an untitled brown bitch, Molly Brown's Creme de Cacao, owned by the Jaylee kennel (Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dazzio) in Baton Rouge Louisiana. His grandfather was Wycliffe Hadrian, owned by Roger Pritchard (Rojes).
Molly holds the record for the greatest number of champion offspring from an untitled bitch - 17. Fifteen were sired by Hadrian in three litters between 1972-75.

Hadrian comes from some of the secondary Wycliffe lines owing a greater proportion of their heritage to Thomas' sibs, Theresa and Theodore, than the central lines. Hadrian also introduces another founder, the silver bitch Pantaloon Britta. [Note that the dams of the Central Line males are not shown.]

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