The Dassin Kennel

When I first started to look at the history of the Dassin kennel, I was searching for a probable male line, as they are probably best known for their long string of top-producing males: Debauchery (Pride), 87 champions; Delano, 48; Broadway Joe, 39; Debussy, 30; Denver, 28; Buddy, 23; etc. My first surprise was to discover that Pride was sold by Dassin and never used by them to breed litters carrying the Dassin name. In fact, his owner seems to have had a one-dog kennel! The second surprise was that I could not establish a continuous male line down to the present.

The key to understanding Dassin lies in the female lines. In 1964, Freeman Dickey, better known as "Bud", acquired Annveron Bacardi Peach (Jemima), a daughter of Wycliffe Veronica and Carillon Dilemma. Irick describes her as "jet black, tall and elegant, with a lovely head."

In late 1965, Jemima was bred to her uncle, Virgil. The litter included Daktari (not shown), who later sired 12 champions. The second mating was to Wycliffe Thomas in early '67, and produced Doubting Thomas (not shown), who also sired 12 champions. Jemima's third and fourth litters were from Carbon Copy of Bushyrun (1969) and Winshire's Country Gentleman (Gentry) in 1971. Probably the most significant puppy from the Gentry litter was Ruby Begonia. Though these two males do not carry the Wycliffe name, they are, nevertheless, of pure Wycliffe heritage.

To resume the story as Irick tells it, "In June of 1965, Mr. Dickey saw and fell in love with a beautiful Standard puppy, Jocelyene Marjorie. He talked her owner, Joan Schilke, into co-owning her with him. Marjorie, Best Puppy in Show at the 1965 Poodle Club of America Specialty, came to live at Dassin when she was 11 months old, and matured into a beautiful blue to with a lovely head and great showmanship."

Marjorie was the daughter of Wycliffe Virgil (and, therefore, a cousin to Bacardi Peach), but her mother, Mogene's Beauzeaux, introduces a new line. Her ancestors are primarily from England and, though she may share some common ancestors with the Wycliffe founders, she is not closely related.

Marjorie was bred in 1970 and '71 to Doubting Thomas. The first litter produced only five puppies, but all became champions. The second added another four champions! However, from the point of view of the continuation of the Dassin lines, the most important litters were the Oct. '71 litter from Gentry and the April '73 litter from De Russy Necromancer. The first produced 5 champions -- among them Pride, Broadway Joe, and Sum Buddy. According to Irick, Joe was considered the choice of the litter, but never really developed the showmanship of his brothers. Though Joe and Buddy were used about equally in subsequent Dassin breeding, Joe sired more champions, and is responsible for the continuation of the line, as we will see below.

The litter from Necromancer, though perhaps not as spectacular, produced Six Pac, the top-producing Dassin bitch (12 champions). Necromancer is the product of several consecutive generations of crosses of De Russy females with Wycliffe males. The only non-Wycliffe influence is from his maternal grandmother, De Russy Topsy. Her heritage is partly through Bel Tor. However, her great-grandparent also include a French and a Dutch import.

The male line continues with Debussy (1975, Broadway Joe x Ruby Begonia) and then Denver (1980, Debussy x Six Pac). Beyond that date, I cannot trace a pure Dassin male line. However, the female lines continue from Six Pac. The "Rose" line begins with the 1977 Debussy x Six Pac litter, producing Rita La Rose, and continues with de La Rose (1982, sire Broadway Joe), Mae Rose (1986, sire Eaton Affirmed. This litter also produced Delano) and Maebelline Rose (1989, sire Denver).

The other line begins with Denver's sister Dunaway and continues with de Mille (1983, Joe's last litter at age 11 1/2) and de Ville (1986, sire Denver) before merging with the "Rose" line in 1988 (Delano x de Ville => Delancy). Delancy has sired 16 champions including Detonator (from the 1992 cross with Mae Rose).

Thus, if we look on Detonator as typical recent Dassin, ~ 70% of his heritage is from the Wycliffe founders. The other major contributors are Mogene's Beauzeaux (13%) and Bel Tor Cause Scandale (8%), through Eaton Affirmed (Snapper). Topsy contributes only 1.2%. The balance of ~ 6% come from Eaton through Snapper.

© John Armstrong, 1997.

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