From the Imports to Wycliffe

The pedigree, below, shows the lines of descent from the four major importers of Standard Poodles during the 1930s to Jean Lyle's Wycliffe Kennel in North Vancouver, and Sylvia Dempster's Petitcote kennel in Hudson Heights, Quebec.

These major kennels were Carillon (Mrs. Whitehouse Walker, followed by Blanche Saunders), Salmagundi (Mr. & Mrs. Justin Griess), Misty Isles (Mrs. Byron Rogers) and Blakeen (Mrs. Hayes Blake Hoyt).

Imports are shown in red; dogs not imported are pale blue.     scroll right ===>

The five dogs normally counted as the Wycliffe founders are bold. Only one, Carillon Michelle, was actually owned by Mrs. Lyle, but Mitzi and Domino contribute only through Wycliffe and Gay Knight's (scroll right ===>) contributions are mainly through Wycliffe.