The Wycliffe Central Lines

Jean Lyle's founding bitch was Carillon Michelle. Michelle was bred to Petitcote Domino in 1954 to give Wycliffe Jacqueline, and to Carillon Dilemma in 1957 to give Wycliffe Little Lulu. However, the litter with the greatest impact was from the 1959 pairing of Jacqueline x Annsown Gay Knight of Arhill. This established the Wycliffe male line, starting with Thomas. Both Dilemma and Gay Knight were sons of Annsown Sir Gay.

The final "founder" was Sedbergh Mitzi, a Sir Gay granddaughter of Petitcote breeding. She was bred to Thomas by her owner and Jean acquired two of the pups, Yorick and Yolanda. As both were bred, we normally regard Mitzi rather than Yolanda as a founder.

What followed might be described as very close line-breeding, often involving father-daughter (Kenneth to Calypso and their daughter, Sybil) and mother-son crosses (Genevieve to Thomas Too, and then to their son, Xcellente, and finally to gransdson Fitzherbert). This is especially evident in Mitzi's line, while Lulu's represents more "conservative" line breeding (e.g. instead of breeding Kenneth to his mother, Zara, he was bred to her granddaughter Zandra).

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